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About Matthew Brackney

Portrait of Matthew Brackney

Matthew Brackney is an illustrator, animator, and programmer. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio where he spent all day fighting bad guys in the woods. Occassionally, a dragon or two would emerge and he and his friends would slay them with magic sticks. When he wasn't fighting bad guys, Matt liked to draw and play video games. His earliest drawings were of characters like Mega Man, and the sprites from Final Fantasy.

When Matt got older he started getting into Anime, and spent hours trying to learn to draw like the cartoons he saw. While he never fully mastered the anime style, it helped him to hone his technique and develop his own style. By the time Matt entered high school he was well known among his peers as somewhat of a good drawer type guy. Matt joined the news paper team in high school where he illustrated a comic in every edition and also wrote an opinion piece. One of his proudest days was when he saw one of his cartoons tacked up in a teacher's classroom with an arrow drawn to it that said "yes!"

After high school Matt moved on to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he majored in Sequential Art. There he learned that painting majors are pretentious, and that sequential art majors are like long lost siblings. He also learned how to draw better and stuff.

Upon leaving SCAD Matt entered the work force as a Graphic Designer. This was not his dream career, but he now had a huge student loan to pay off, and he needed a job. He's been doing that ever since while working on his illustration and animation skills on the side. He also loves to code, and built this site for the heck of it.

Portrait of Matthew Brackney

Matthew Brackney is an expert solutionizer. He will find solutions to all your corporate designification requirements. With over 30 years of life living experience, Matt knows what human capital wants and will use his visually oriented creative matrices to pull them in and raise your numbers higher each year. Numbers will go from red to black, and charts will have green bars. If you hire Matt, management will give you a promotion to senior go getter hot shot master manager person.

Matt has been trained in all the creative arts you could ever need. What creative arts could you need? That's a good question. I like you. You're really on the ball.

Matt can make your website appeal to the unwashed masses, and while you may not be very fond of all those masses, they're the ones that provide you with money, and everyone wants more money. Am I right? Right. Whether you need your website to have all the bells and whistles, or simply revolutionize the revolutionary abilities of your company's brand - Matt can do it. Your brand is your image, and a professional brand shows the world that you mean business.

What's that? You want to table this discussion for now?

That's ok.

I'll make a note to circle back to you next week and we can discuss this further.